Who are the Best Fortnite Players

From the moment Fortnite established itself as one of the best games on the market, plenty of players emerged as main competitors in the game. There are many tournaments and competitions held for Fortnite players and often there are big rewards for the best ones. The Fortnite gaming scene is still developing and growing, but there are many good players that continuously prove their skills to the Fortnite gaming community. The following are currently the best Fortnite players, but keep in mind that the scene changes constantly and exciting new players are emerging every day.

  • Turner Tenney aka Tfue is one of the best tournament players of Fortnite. He has proven his gaming skills with consistent and convincing victories in Fortnite tournaments. Sometimes his behavior and attitude is not at its best, but there is no doubt he is great player and streamer of the game.

  • Tyler Blevins aka Ninja is one of the most popular streamers and great player that has gained celebrity status in the community. He has several records behind his name as a Fortnite player, and has streamed together with famous celebrities like the Tottenham football club player Dele Alli and rapper Drake. Ninja is an avid gamer since 2009 and his streams are regularly watched by over hundred thousand viewers at a time. Recently he won Fortnite Pro-Am tournament at E3 2018 and once again proved he is one of the best Fortnite players.

  • Ali Kabbani aka Myth is a professional streamer and Fortnite player with numerous sponsorship deals. He is very skilled builder and uses unique techniques when playing. A regular tournament player, Myth is also very likable person with competitive character.

  • Kyle Jackson aka Mongraal is the youngest Fortnite professional gamer on the list. He plays as representative of Team Secret and is a very talented player with great knowledge of building. A tournament winner who has knocked out numerous experienced players, Mongraal established himself as one of the best players of the game at age of just 13. He has a bright future ahead and is loved by many children who see him as their gaming role model.

  • Jake Dunlop aka CouRage has made a huge breakthrough in the gaming world in the past couple of years. He is not a pro player, according to his own words, but his gaming skills are undeniable. With over ten thousand subscribers on Twitch, CouRage has become very popular and recently he finished as second at E3 2018 Fortnite Pro-Am tournament.

  • Unlike all players above, NICKMERCS is a gamer that solely plays Fortnite on PlayStation 4 and is currently one of the best players on that gaming console. Regular player of Friday Fortnite tournaments, NICKMERCS`s YouTube videos of streams are very popular and always seen by thousands of people. He regularly uploads interesting highlights of his victories along with commentaries, and just by seeing him play you can become a better Fortnite player.