What is The Game Fortnite

Fortnite is a game that took the world by a storm and immediately became popular, especially among children and young teens. This game has been developed and published by a company called Epic games, and the main goal in the game is to work together with other players in order to survive and remain last character in the game`s open-world environment. The players engage in combats with other game characters and the violence in the game is cartoonish. However, parents should exercise caution because some game characters and scenes may be disturbing to very young children.

How to Play

If you choose to play the single player mode of the game, you need to compete with other players and battle creatures to survive in the game. The most popular version of this game is the multiplayer version where up to hundred players can get involved in an online game. Players can choose to compete as individual characters or they can join a team of up to four characters and compete together. The purpose is to remain last character standing in the battle arena, which constantly decreases as you play. In order to play the game, you need to create an account. Accounts are created after providing and verifying an email address and choosing a username.

Popularity and Restrictions

There are plenty of reasons for the huge popularity of Fortnite. One of the main reasons is the fact that the game is free and it can be played on all gaming consoles. It works on PC, Mac, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and even on Android devices. That makes it hugely available to children so they can play it everywhere.

Second reason for popularity of Fortnite is that the game play is pretty straightforward. Playing is easy and the games usually last short, for up to half an hour. Then you can re-enter the game again, so everything is simple.

Third thing that affects popularity of the game is that Fortnite is well designed, it has appealing graphics, and new updates and challenges are often introduced. It is never boring and it keeps the attention of the players with new elements and features.

Finally, Fortnite is largely followed on social media platforms through video streaming. With such a large base of followers, many youngsters and young adults feel attracted to the game and want to give it a try and play it.

When it comes to restrictions of Fortnite, the game is primarily designed for players above the age of 12. There scenes of mild violence throughout the game, which may be unsuitable for children below 12. However, this is just for caution to the parents and there are still children below age of twelve that play the game and there are no problems. Biggest concern, however, is the un-moderated chat during the game. Players can openly communicate through typing in chat boxes or through speaking to microphones while playing together, so sometimes there is risk of inappropriate language.