Top Dances in Fortnite

You have a few options available through which you can make yourself stand out in Fortnite. One of those options is selecting the right emote to represent you. Emotes are very popular feature in Fortnite and you can buy them with V-bucks or even better option is to earn them by finishing your battle pass. Dance emotes have become very attractive and popular way for gamers to express their feelings and add personal touch to the game. Regardless of whether you want to celebrate a victory after finishing off an opponent or you just want to have some fun, choosing the right dance emote is a nice way to show off in front of your gaming friends that you have defeated.

Today there are plenty of Fortnite dance emotes that are instantly recognizable. Remember that they are not just for celebrating victories in the game, but they are also for having fun. Maybe you have completed your task and there is no other gamer around – why not dance and have fun. Maybe you need more unrated content and in that case you should visit sites for free games.  Or, perhaps you have obtained some new weapon in the game – additional reason to dance a little bit and celebrate. No matter what your personal style is, you will certainly find a dance emote that will match your personality. There are also some rare dances and unique emotes, so pick carefully what you want to use. Some dances are more interesting than others, some are original and some are copies, and all of that makes it a bit hard choosing which ones are the best. However, we have made the following list of top dances in Fortnite that are ever popular and widely used.

  • Wiggle dance is a classic type of dance and one of the most popular among Fortnite gamers. This dance looks impressive and it is top dance to use for rubbing it in the face of your beaten opponent. Wonderful and rare celebratory dance, so use it with pride.
  • Orange Juice is a legendary Fortnite dance, which was submitted by a child that participated in a contest. As soon as it was introduced into the game, the Fortnite community fell in love with it instantly.
  • Disco Fever dance will take you back in time straight into the disco era of the 70s. Fantastic dance for having fun and enjoying good times. You can mix it with some nice skins for bigger impression, and this is definitely one of the top dances that are loved by millions of players.
  • Rock Out is a perfect dance when you have defeated an opponent in a powerful way. The dance is great for pumping up confidence and taunting opponents. Nothing better than dancing on the sounds of a powerful guitar.
  • Reanimated dance emote circles the list of top dances in Fortnite. It emphasizes the fun aspect of the game and it is ideal to use anytime you feel like it. One of the most iconic dances in the game is loved and regularly used by lots of Fortnite gamers.