What is The Game Fortnite

Fortnite is a game that took the world by a storm and immediately became popular, especially among children and young teens. This game has been developed and published by a company called Epic games, and the main goal in the game is to work together with other players in order to survive and remain last character in the game`s open-world environment. The players engage in combats with other game characters and the violence in the game is cartoonish. However, parents should exercise caution because some game characters and scenes may be disturbing to very young children.

How to Play

If you choose to play the single player mode of the game, you need to compete with other players and battle creatures to survive in the game. The most popular version of this game is the multiplayer version where up to hundred players can get involved in an online game. Players can choose to compete as individual characters or they can join a team of up to four characters and compete together. The purpose is to remain last character standing in the battle arena, which constantly decreases as you play. In order to play the game, you need to create an account. Accounts are created after providing and verifying an email address and choosing a username.

Popularity and Restrictions

There are plenty of reasons for the huge popularity of Fortnite. One of the main reasons is the fact that the game is free and it can be played on all gaming consoles. It works on PC, Mac, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and even on Android devices. That makes it hugely available to children so they can play it everywhere.

Second reason for popularity of Fortnite is that the game play is pretty straightforward. Playing is easy and the games usually last short, for up to half an hour. Then you can re-enter the game again, so everything is simple.

Third thing that affects popularity of the game is that Fortnite is well designed, it has appealing graphics, and new updates and challenges are often introduced. It is never boring and it keeps the attention of the players with new elements and features.

Finally, Fortnite is largely followed on social media platforms through video streaming. With such a large base of followers, many youngsters and young adults feel attracted to the game and want to give it a try and play it.

When it comes to restrictions of Fortnite, the game is primarily designed for players above the age of 12. There scenes of mild violence throughout the game, which may be unsuitable for children below 12. However, this is just for caution to the parents and there are still children below age of twelve that play the game and there are no problems. Biggest concern, however, is the un-moderated chat during the game. Players can openly communicate through typing in chat boxes or through speaking to microphones while playing together, so sometimes there is risk of inappropriate language.

Top Dances in Fortnite

You have a few options available through which you can make yourself stand out in Fortnite. One of those options is selecting the right emote to represent you. Emotes are very popular feature in Fortnite and you can buy them with V-bucks or even better option is to earn them by finishing your battle pass. Dance emotes have become very attractive and popular way for gamers to express their feelings and add personal touch to the game. Regardless of whether you want to celebrate a victory after finishing off an opponent or you just want to have some fun, choosing the right dance emote is a nice way to show off in front of your gaming friends that you have defeated.

Today there are plenty of Fortnite dance emotes that are instantly recognizable. Remember that they are not just for celebrating victories in the game, but they are also for having fun. Maybe you have completed your task and there is no other gamer around – why not dance and have fun. Maybe you need more unrated content and in that case you should visit sites for free games.  Or, perhaps you have obtained some new weapon in the game – additional reason to dance a little bit and celebrate. No matter what your personal style is, you will certainly find a dance emote that will match your personality. There are also some rare dances and unique emotes, so pick carefully what you want to use. Some dances are more interesting than others, some are original and some are copies, and all of that makes it a bit hard choosing which ones are the best. However, we have made the following list of top dances in Fortnite that are ever popular and widely used.

  • Wiggle dance is a classic type of dance and one of the most popular among Fortnite gamers. This dance looks impressive and it is top dance to use for rubbing it in the face of your beaten opponent. Wonderful and rare celebratory dance, so use it with pride.
  • Orange Juice is a legendary Fortnite dance, which was submitted by a child that participated in a contest. As soon as it was introduced into the game, the Fortnite community fell in love with it instantly.
  • Disco Fever dance will take you back in time straight into the disco era of the 70s. Fantastic dance for having fun and enjoying good times. You can mix it with some nice skins for bigger impression, and this is definitely one of the top dances that are loved by millions of players.
  • Rock Out is a perfect dance when you have defeated an opponent in a powerful way. The dance is great for pumping up confidence and taunting opponents. Nothing better than dancing on the sounds of a powerful guitar.
  • Reanimated dance emote circles the list of top dances in Fortnite. It emphasizes the fun aspect of the game and it is ideal to use anytime you feel like it. One of the most iconic dances in the game is loved and regularly used by lots of Fortnite gamers.

Who are the Best Fortnite Players

From the moment Fortnite established itself as one of the best games on the market, plenty of players emerged as main competitors in the game. There are many tournaments and competitions held for Fortnite players and often there are big rewards for the best ones. The Fortnite gaming scene is still developing and growing, but there are many good players that continuously prove their skills to the Fortnite gaming community. The following are currently the best Fortnite players, but keep in mind that the scene changes constantly and exciting new players are emerging every day.

  • Turner Tenney aka Tfue is one of the best tournament players of Fortnite. He has proven his gaming skills with consistent and convincing victories in Fortnite tournaments. Sometimes his behavior and attitude is not at its best, but there is no doubt he is great player and streamer of the game.

  • Tyler Blevins aka Ninja is one of the most popular streamers and great player that has gained celebrity status in the community. He has several records behind his name as a Fortnite player, and has streamed together with famous celebrities like the Tottenham football club player Dele Alli and rapper Drake. Ninja is an avid gamer since 2009 and his streams are regularly watched by over hundred thousand viewers at a time. Recently he won Fortnite Pro-Am tournament at E3 2018 and once again proved he is one of the best Fortnite players.

  • Ali Kabbani aka Myth is a professional streamer and Fortnite player with numerous sponsorship deals. He is very skilled builder and uses unique techniques when playing. A regular tournament player, Myth is also very likable person with competitive character.

  • Kyle Jackson aka Mongraal is the youngest Fortnite professional gamer on the list. He plays as representative of Team Secret and is a very talented player with great knowledge of building. A tournament winner who has knocked out numerous experienced players, Mongraal established himself as one of the best players of the game at age of just 13. He has a bright future ahead and is loved by many children who see him as their gaming role model.

  • Jake Dunlop aka CouRage has made a huge breakthrough in the gaming world in the past couple of years. He is not a pro player, according to his own words, but his gaming skills are undeniable. With over ten thousand subscribers on Twitch, CouRage has become very popular and recently he finished as second at E3 2018 Fortnite Pro-Am tournament.

  • Unlike all players above, NICKMERCS is a gamer that solely plays Fortnite on PlayStation 4 and is currently one of the best players on that gaming console. Regular player of Friday Fortnite tournaments, NICKMERCS`s YouTube videos of streams are very popular and always seen by thousands of people. He regularly uploads interesting highlights of his victories along with commentaries, and just by seeing him play you can become a better Fortnite player.

Fortnite vs. PubG and Why People Prefer Fortnite

Both Fortnite and PubG are popular games with their own pros and cons. Year 2017 was the year when PubG dominated the gaming scene, but this year 2018 is the year of Fortnite. This is because Fortnite is very fun game to play and it is the most streamed game on Twitch. It is not only good to play, but it is also interesting game to watch, which is something that not many games on the market can do. The gameplay is fast, graphics are colorful and appealing, while the matches are quick and intense. PubG also has its own positive sides, like the longer and realistic gameplay. However, it seems that people prefer playing Fortnite more. The following are some reasons why that is the case.

Advantages of Fortnite over PubG                  

  • Being free to play is what attracts people most to Fortnite. On the other side, you need to pay thirty dollars in order to play PubG. In addition to paying to play, you also have to buy certain keys for unlocking boxes in PubG. These can be quite expensive, so this is main reason why Fortnite is more preferred game among people.
  • Another thing in favor of Fortnite is that it has less glitches and bugs than PubG. The game is well-optimized and it runs smoothly on all playing platforms. That makes it more enjoyable when playing on different gaming platforms.
  • PubG has more cheating players in comparison to Fortnite, which is another big reason why gamers opt-in to play Fortnite more. We all know that cheaters are ruining games and take off the fun of them. Statistics point out that PubG has large number of cheaters that constantly get banned from playing. That is something that does not happen that often in Fortnite.
  • Fortnite also has advantage over PubG in the constant new updates, new content and new interesting modes that are added in the game. This makes the game highly attractive and never boring. On the other side, PubG makes updates and adds content less frequently which is a drawback.
  • The Battle Pass system in Fortnite is better than the loot boxes system in PubG. With battle pass system you are earning rewards as you progress and rank up to higher tiers, and the rewards are always guaranteed. You also always know what you will get, unlike the loot boxes in PubG which are essentially gambling boxes and you never know what is inside them until you open them.
  • Finally, Fortnite is largely preferred over PubG because it is available on all gaming consoles. PubG is only available to play on standard PC and on Xbox One.

As stated above, Fortnite has plenty of advantages over PubG. That does not mean that you should avoid playing PubG. In fact, both games are great to play and offer something nice for the gamers, but reasons stated above are main points why today people prefer more playing Fortnite than PubG.